22 Feb 2018

Urban Tree Newsletter Wins TCIA Award

A 2017 Professional Communications Award from the Tree Care Industry Association was presented to Urban Tree President Ed Hopkins at the Winter Management Conference in Maui this month.

TCIA Award
24 Jan 2018

Mr. Hopkins Goes to Washington

To highlight the tree care industry and to amplify the industry’s voice in Washington, Urban Tree Service President Ed Hopkins met with some 30 other members of the Tree Care Industry Association’s Voice for Trees Political Action Committee (VFT-PAC) on Capitol Hill.

20 Dec 2017

A December Yard Work Checklist

December is here and we’re finally getting our first taste of snow. You may think that we’re wrapping things up for the year here at Urban Tree, but nothing could be further from the truth: Winter’s a perfect time for some tree work!

28 Nov 2017

Snow and Ice Can Cause Winter Roof Problems

With the warm weather New Hampshire has been experiencing this fall, it’s hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. And while it may be a bit before we see any significant snowfall, history tells us that there WILL be snow. It’s not too early to think about taking care of your property when it hits.

25 Oct 2017

Where Did All These Ladybugs Come From?!

If you’re like many area residents, you may have noticed a good number of ladybugs hanging around both inside and outside your house. You’re probably wondering “where did all these ladybugs come from?”

09 Oct 2017

Fall Yard Chores: Your October Checklist

A new season has started and autumn is here. The days are shorter and the nights are cooler – and there’s no shortage of fall yard work to do to clean up after summer and get ready for winter. Here are some tasks to undertake in October.

23 Aug 2017

Any Time is a Good Time to Prune

Did you know that any time is a good time to prune your trees and shrubs?  It’s true. And if the tree’s condition presents a danger, you should prune it right away.

11 Aug 2017

Your August Tree & Yard Checklist

It feels like summer just got here and – wouldn’t you know it – fall’s just around the corner. August tree and yard chores bridge the gap between summer and fall: That means maintaining things through the last of summer’s heat and getting things ready for the cooler weather.