Last month we shared advice for keeping your lawn healthy during a drought – but even after a drought-free summer, it’s important to help your lawn recover from the long hot days of the season. Although we may not be ready to let go of the last rays of summer, right now is the ideal time to create your lawn care plan for the fall. Fall fertilization treatments provide your lawn with the essential nutrients that promote growth for a strong healthy lawn. This treatment helps to recover from summer stress and prevent winter damage allowing for healthier lawns come the spring.

One of the best practices for a healthy, robust lawn is core aeration. Aeration is the process by which air is circulated throughout the lawn by creating small holes. Through these small holes is how the essentials like air, water, and nutrients get to the plant’s roots easily. Lawns tend to see more use during summer. The added impact from things like running children and pets can compact the soil, which is why we encourage you to aerate your lawn during the fall.

Core Aeration graphic

Setting up a thorough fall lawn care plan will keep your lawn protected and yield big-time results in the spring. As worthwhile as fall lawn preparation is, it can be a cumbersome project to take on as an individual – particularly if you don’t have the proper material, required tools or machinery. With Urban Tree Service expertise, equipment, and experience, we can get the job done for you, quickly and efficiently. To have someone from our team come out to your property simply calls us at 603-332-1246 or contact us via email at [email protected].