Informational Videos

A little knowledge goes a long way. We think it’s important to share some of what we’ve learned over our two decades in business, so we have created a series of informational videos to provide valuable information to help you have a healthier landscape. Some of our more recent videos are below, but you can view our entire video library at our YouTube Channel.

How to Maintain a Healthy Lilac Bush

Urban Tree Service’s Ed Roy provide tips on how to maintain your lilac bushes so they stay healthy and colorful.

Co-Dominant Stems and Carpenter Ants

Urban Tree Service’s Ed Roy discusses co-dominant stems and carpenter ants in trees.

What To Do with an Old Apple Tree

Urban Tree Service’s Ed Roy shows you how you can turn an old apple tree into a landscape centerpiece.

Identifying Mushrooms on Your Trees & Lawn

Urban Tree Service’s Ed Roy helps you identify which mushrooms are good for your landscape and which ones you should watch out for.

Common New England Tree Diseases

Urban Tree Service’s Ed Roy discusses common tree diseases found in New England.

Recognizing Damage to Old Trees

Ed Hopkins, president of Urban Tree Service and an ISA certified arborist, discusses how to recognize damage and anomalies on old tree wounds.

Changing a Landscape

President Ed Hopkins talks about how Urban Tree Service approaches changing landscape maintenance.

Winter Work and Your Lawn

Winter tree maintenance presents some particular challenges. Urban Tree President Ed Hopkins discusses how his company addresses them.

Proper Pruning Techniques

Interfering branches and tree pruning techniques explained by Urban Tree Service President Ed Hopkins.

Planned Landscapes and Vista Pruning

Selective pruning and tree removal in landscaping is explained by Urban Tree Service President Ed Hopkins.


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