The presence of insects and diseases on your trees and shrubs is frequently the symptom of a larger problem which is making them vulnerable to attack. Healthy, well maintained plants are not typically prone to such outbreaks. Factors that influence a plant’s vulnerability to insects and disease may include site conditions, environmental stress (i.e. drought), poor pruning, and history of pesticide use.

This is why it is important to treat the insect or disease while also addressing the underlying cause. Urban Tree Service implements a variety of management techniques to keep your plants healthy and vigorous, and thus more resistant to pests and diseases. This includes the use of eco-friendly chemical control when necessary.

In general, applying fewer chemicals on your trees and shrubs makes your landscape safer for your family and the environment. Sometimes, however, the use of pesticides is the best option for controlling a disease or pest problem. In such cases we always incorporate safe, alternative chemical control methods.

Some of the more common insects that are harmful to trees in New England include

  •  Asian Longhorned Beetle
  •  Bronze Birch Borer
  •  Eastern Tent Caterpillar
  •  Emerald Ash Borer
  •  Gypsy Moth
  •  Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
  •  White Pine Weevil
  •  Sugar Maple Borer

There are several diseases that a property owner should be aware of. These include

If you believe that your property contains any of these insects or diseases, schedule an inspection appointment with one of our professionals to determine the best course of action.

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