As arborists, Urban Tree Service can recommend the trees and shrubs that best suit your property in terms of form and function, evaluate the condition of the plants that exist on your premises, and suggest steps to make improvements and add value to your property.

  •  Tree Valuation – Wondering what your tree is worth? Using strict guidelines developed by the International Society of Arboriculture, we can determine the monetary value of your tree.
  •  Tree Risk Assessment – If a tree on your property has the potential to cause property damage or personal injury, then it is a risk. There may be mechanical, environmental or weather related injuries to your tree that are creating a potential hazard. A tree risk assessment can help you determine if that tree near your home or office poses an acceptable or unacceptable risk.
  •  Tree Inventories – Information is power. Understanding what trees exist on your property is an important first step in effectively managing your landscape.

Some examples of the types of customers we provide services to include:

  •  Condominium Association & Property Management Companies – Planned maintenance schedules adaptable to association budgets.
  •  Hospitals – Flexible scheduling to accommodate busy periods of the day.
  •  Business Offices – Maintain professional appearance with a tree service company using modern equipment with highly qualified arborists.
  •  Municipalities – Including rapid response to emergency situations.
  •  Historic Preservation - One of our specialties is historic tree preservation and restoration.

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