Winter Is “Snow” Problem for Us

As a year-round company, Urban Tree Service offers a full suite of services throughout the winter months. From scheduled tree work to snow removal, our professionalism and expertise shines through no matter the temperature.

Tree and Shrub Work

It’s pretty easy to forget about your trees & shrubs in the winter. But there are a number of reasons why winter is a great time to have your trees and shrubs attended to. You don’t have to worry about the work interfering with your outdoor living, and the frozen ground allows us to access remote areas of your property without damaging your lawn or landscape. This means your yard can be healthy & ready to go when it’s time to head back outdoors. Plus, by avoiding the spring rush, we can work around your calendar.

Pre-Storm Inspections and Storm Cleanup

Winter storms can wreak havoc on trees and cause extensive damage. Minimize the potential for damage by scheduling a preventative pre-storm inspection. We will inspect your trees and remove decaying branches and limbs.
If you receive damage during a storm, our experienced teams can safely and promptly remove fallen trees and limbs.

Roof Snow Removal

A buildup of snow and ice on your roof can do extensive damage, and we get a lot of snow in New England. Clearing your roof by yourself can be very dangerous and cause unnecessary damage. That's why it's important to hire a professional who will do the job properly and safely.

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