Fall officially starts this month, so there’s no time to waste getting plants, shrubs, and trees ready for the harsh winter and primed for a great spring.

To make sure these plants will still flourish, they should receive a deep root fertilization at least once a year. Fall is a great time for this, as tree and shrub roots will absorb the fertilizer as they continue to grow into winter – and any remaining fertilizer will be ready for the plant the following spring.

It’s also important to protect the parts of the plant that live above ground. Living in New Hampshire, the winter weather is not always kind to our landscaping. We offer anti-desiccant spraying as a protection from winter burn injuries. These occur when cold winds dry out the leaves of evergreens, causing leaf damage that can be unsightly. The anti-desiccants create a barrier that helps prevent the wind from drawing moisture out of the leaves.

Also, deer repellent sprays can help to stop deer from eating your trees and shrubs. They protect the plant material by coating foliage with an aversive taste.

Whatever your yard needs to get prepared for winter, Urban Tree Service can help you figure it out and get it done. With our experience, we can recommend the best treatment to get the results you truly want. Just give us a call at 603-332-1246, or an email at [email protected], and we’ll arrange for someone on our team to come to your property.