There are certain (usually loud) noises that people associate with tree maintenance. They’re not particularly pleasant, but they’re the sounds of work getting done and happy customers. But what if we didn’t need to make as much noise and help the environment while we’re at it? To us, it was a no-brainer.

So we recently launched the Green Crew. Led by longtime crew leader John Morton, this 2-person team features a hybrid electric truck and several electric pruning chainsaws.

The battery on the truck charges while traveling to a job then stops the engine while the battery quietly powers the bucket. When the battery drains to a certain point, the truck starts and runs until the battery is charged. Considering that bucket trucks like ours typically spend most of the day idling, hybrid technology can reduce fuel consumption by up to 60% and potentially eliminate up to 12 metric tons of carbon emissions on just one truck.

Plus, it’s super quiet. “It’s funny”, John says. “I’ll be talking to a customer and they’ll be startled when the truck starts its engine because they completely forgot that it was there.” The Green Crew is especially useful working on jobs in thickly settled or urban areas where the noise and diesel fumes can bother neighbors. It’s also a great fit as more communities institute noise regulations.

“To us it’s a win-win”, says Ed Hopkins, CEO of Urban Tree Service. “We get to do well for our customers while also doing well for the environment. After all, a healthy planet means healthy trees.”