It feels like summer just got here and – wouldn’t you know it – fall’s just around the corner. August tree and yard chores bridge the gap between summer and fall: That means maintaining things through the last of summer’s heat and getting things ready for the cooler weather.

So here’s your August tree, garden and lawn checklist:

  1. Think fall flowers

Your garden doesn’t need to be outdone by your trees’ fall color: Plant some perennials such as hardy mums, asters and black-eyed Susan (to bloom next year); and annuals such as pansies, dianthus, and ornamental kale (to add color this year).

  1. Made in the shade

Fill some of the shady areas of your landscape with shade-tolerant plants. Buy the shade plants now, and then plant them after the worst of the August heat is over for best results.

  1. Overseed your lawn

We don’t mean to overdo the seed; we mean seed the bare patches to fill in where grass is absent, and seed the areas where grass is present to make it thicker. The best time to overseed a new lawn is August; otherwise overseed in early fall or spring.

  1. Water, water everywhere

August is generally hot. And dry. So you need to water your lawn and water it good. Water in the early evening as it starts to cool and the sun is going down. Be sure to saturate the roots so the soil cools, too. Lay mulch around plants that are in direct sun to keep them cooler.

  1. Check for Japanese Beetles

The pesky Japanese Beetles have pretty much finished feeding by August, so pick them off by hand and drop them in soapy water to kill them.

6. Deadhead

Clean up your plants by “deadheading” them and removing dead leaves. This will keep your garden area looking neat and clean, and will help the plants grow. Take out the dead plants.

7. Separate bulbs

Dig up the spring perennials that are crowded and aren’t blooming as well as they did in the past. Divide up the tubers and roots and replant.

Of course, if you need any help or advice, we’re always here. Just give us a call at 332-1246. Be sure to call soon before the fall clean-up rush hits!